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Since 1993 I am working on wet chemical processes for cleaning, etching, stripping, polymer removal and plating in FEOL, BEOL, Advanced Packaging, MEMS and Solar Fabs. I have been involved in many projects with the most relevant chip manufacturers in Europe and Asia where I have installed, qualified and developed the listed applications below.

These processes may be used in batch tools and single-wafer systems. The most common methods are dipping and spraying, but other techniques can also be used (high-pressure jets, aerosols, steam jets, megasonic, ect.).


FEOL cleans

  • Spin Rinse Dry (SRD)  with DI and hot N2
  • Dry Surface Tension (STD) with DI and IPA
  • Standard cleans with HF, Piranha, SC1, SC2, and any combinations thereof
  • Cleans with DI and ozone (HydrOzoneTM, FlurOzoneTM, SicOzoneTM) and variants thereof
  • All possible combinations of the above processes

BEOL cleans

  • Solvent based processes for polymer removal and cleaning of trenches and vias
  • NMP alternatives
  • dSP, dSP + and variants
  • Ozone-based cleaning
  • Pre-Plating cleans for TSV- and Advanced Packaging


  • Oxide etching with BOE or HF
  • HF vapor etching
  • Selective ONO process with EG/HF
  • Metal etching (Al, AlSi, AlSiCu, Cu, Ti, Cr,  TiW, TiN, W, Au, Pt, ...)
  • UBM etching
  • Si-freckle etching after AlSi and AlSiCu etch steps
  • Etching of the wafer edge (Bevel Edge Clean)
  • Si etch (acidic and basic)
  • electrochemical etching to form porous silicon
  • Si polishing with HF vapor and ozone

Resist stripping

FEOL (Front End of Line) process for resist stripping

  • Piranha process with Caro's acid
  • DI/O3-based processes

BEOL (Back End of Line) process for resist stripping

  • Solvent processes
  • DI/O3-based processes
  • Metal Lift-off


Electrochemical plating (ECD)

  • Cu-plating
  • Au-plating
  • Ni-plating
  • Pt-plating

Electroless deposition (eless plating)

  • eless Ni on Cu and Al
  • eless Pd
  • eless Au
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